The following job failed to complete

***Update*** Before trying the below steps, make sure Hotfix 2837680 has been installed *** The issue may be related to having a local custom field that is defined to include a lookup table, and yet the table is missing.  When you save to the Project Server, the save operation fails.  A quick workaround is to […]

Cannot open Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization page

Following a migration, the Active Directory Resource Pool Sync page loads a “Sorry, something went wrong” error.   Solution:   Make sure the PWA URL you are accessing is listed in the Alternate Access Mapping default zone.  This is the only zone this page will load in.      

Project Server Migrations – Troubleshooting Errors

I’ve been doing SharePoint and Project server migrations for years.  I recently completed a Project Server 2010 to 2013 migration and ran into a larger number of issues than usual, 3 of which I was fighting until a hotfix was released a couple weeks ago.   While there are fantastic migration guides like this one:  step-by-step […]

Active Directory sync for Project security groups is not working

Despite running the active directory sync successfully from PWA Site Settings, the user permissions are not copied over. In the event log, you may see an error like this: PSError: NoError (0) A general exception occurred during communication with Active Directory. Context: SyncGroups. Additional Information: An exception occurred while synchronizing all security groups with active […]

Email notifications reference old Project Server URL after Migration

Following a migration from Project Server 2010 to Project Server 2013, you may notice that the old Project Server URL is reference at the bottom of your automated email notifications.   To change this, go to Central Administration > General Application Settings > PWA Settings: Manage > Ensure the correct PWA Instance has been selected at […]