Project Server Migrations – Troubleshooting Errors

I’ve been doing SharePoint and Project server migrations for years.  I recently completed a Project Server 2010 to 2013 migration and ran into a larger number of issues than usual, 3 of which I was fighting until a hotfix was released a couple weeks ago.   While there are fantastic migration guides like this one:  step-by-step guide (with screenshots), I found very little helpful/organized content on the errors I had encountered. So, I decided I would publish this Project Server migration troubleshooting guide of my own!   If you have landed here, hopefully you already know Project Server runs on SharePoint – so there are two sections to this guide – SharePoint and Project Server.

Servers in the environment:

SQL Server 2012-Windows Server 2012
WFE and App Server – Windows Server 2012, SharePoint Enterprise 2013 SP1, Project Server 2013 SP1
Office Web Apps Server – Windows Server 2012

SharePoint 2013 SP1 Errors:
A list, survey, discussion board, or document library with the specified title
Cannot edit fields in datasheet view


Project Server 2013 SP1 Errors:
Configure SharePoint Task sync to PWA (Task list in SharePoint shows as read only with associated)


Project Server migrations can be tricky, but I hope this guide helps you out!

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