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Cross Site Collection Roll-Up Web Part

This article is the first in my DIY series.  I’m hoping these articles will help support my material from SPTechCon and – for those that attended, thanks for coming!! I came across this solution during a time in which I was upset with an offshore development firm.  They told me it would take an extraordinary amount of time […]

Chart Web Parts

Part 2 of my DIY series – Chart Web Parts!   This web part is out of the box with the Enterprise version of SharePoint and seems to be one of those web parts everyone  forgets about.  With all of the excitement around complex BI and reporting options like Performance Point,  SSRS, and even Excel Services, the Chart […]

jQuery Widgets and CEWP

The third post in my DIY series is about jQuery.   I wanted to do a walk through with one of my favorite jQuery widgets, the accordion.   This is not groundbreaking new material, the accordion has been around for a while.  My goal in writing this blog article was to let others know that there are […]

April Cumulative Update fixes Managed Metadata Issue

The SharePoint 2010 Foundation Cumulative Update for April 2012 addresses an issue with managed metadata that I thought I should share: When you use the Managed Metadata columns together with document sets in SharePoint Foundation 2010, you cannot perform a content deployment successfully. Additionally, you receive the following error message: FatalError: Specified data type does […]

Word Automation Services suddenly stops working

A curious issue I ran into – was a situation in which Word Automation Services would work perfectly for a number of weeks and then suddenly stop producing documents (in our case, PDF documents). The obvious assumption was to review the performance on the server and adjust resources so the service wouldn’t crash. We were, […]

Workflows don’t run when Word Automation Services adds document using SPD

This week I was working with a client on bringing their Safety Manual process into SharePoint; utilizing some SP Designer approval workflows and Word Automation services. This was going to help improve their processes and bottlenecks associated with updating the manual and proving the most recent, accurate copies to the users within the organization. Everything […]