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5 Signs you need to deploy SharePoint Online

Many organizations are struggling to understand how to help their users become more efficient. It’s likely that you are considering the deployment of some combination of a new intranet portal, collaboration tools, and social tools. You probably have a number of questions about which tools to use, whether or not the cloud is secure, and whether or not the users will even adopt […]

SharePoint Automatic Updates, Yes or No?

It was recently announced that SharePoint updates will now be released with Windows updates for automatic deployment.  SharePoint Admins everywhere are shaking their heads!  What is Microsoft thinking this time?!  While this seems to be more convenient than having to go out and download those updates manually, there are definitely some considerations all SharePoint admins and server administrators should […]

Office 365–Did you know? SPO Site Collection and OneDrive storage

With the way increased storage for OneDrive and SharePoint Online was recently announced, I have received some questions and concerns lately about how SharePoint Online storage works and how to know if I’m truly getting all the storage that has been promised to me!?  One of my clients with this question has the E3 plan […]

The Push to the Cloud – Your SharePoint Online Options

Anyone else tired of hearing the term cloud? How abused this term has become, it kind of means anything and everything we don’t manage ourselves doesn’t it? Whether or not you want to hear about it, the reality is that we are all faced with dealing with the cloud. I have the distinct pleasure of […]

Office 365 – Did you know?? Blog 2: QR Codes

Did you know that SharePoint Online can generate QR Codes? I didn’t either – at least until I tripped into them last week on accident! This is great functionality to have at your fingertips. A Quick Lesson on QR Codes A quick definition – a QR code, or Quick Response Code is a small, square […]

Sorry, we’re having a problem showing this workbook (Office Web Apps)

When attempting to use Office Web Apps with SharePoint 2013, some documents may display this error message: “Sorry, we’re having a problem showing this workbook.”   Some documents are unable to be shown in Office Web Apps (both in the browser and the preview screens). This is due to the fact that some documents may […]

Microsoft Office does not prompt to check in document

If check-in/out is enabled, or the user has checked out a document from SharePoint 2013 voluntarily, there is an automated feature with Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 that asks the user “Would you like to check in this document?” when attempting to close the Office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc). In this instance I ran […]

Cannot Open in Explorer View

You may get an error when attempting to use Open with Explorer view in SharePoint: “We’re having a problem opening this location in File Explorer.  Add this web site to your Trusted Sites list and try again.” This particular error can be for several reasons. The most common is typically that you haven’t installed Desktop […]

The following job failed to complete

***Update*** Before trying the below steps, make sure Hotfix 2837680 has been installed *** The issue may be related to having a local custom field that is defined to include a lookup table, and yet the table is missing.  When you save to the Project Server, the save operation fails.  A quick workaround is to […]

Microsoft Office cannot complete the operation because the network is unavailable

Microsoft Office cannot complete the operation because the network is unavailable.  Check your network connection and try again. This issue occurs when a user attempts to check in/out a document while inside of a Microsoft Office client (Word, Excel, etc). Solution Check the version of Anti-Virus.  In the case I ran into, Kapersky Anti-Virus was causing […]